Hi my name is Nick and I have become somewhat fascinated with VR and in particular immersive video.  I have been a video producer / film maker / creative tutor for a decade but now I am becoming something a bit different. I like the idea of calling myself an immersive storyteller. 
I have been working with 360-degree video for the past three years, capturing some of the earliest examples of 360° film from unique places and environments, such as in a hospital for an operation or an ambulance for a patient transfer (me) all the way to the footplate of a steam train (what an experience!). 
I am the founder of PatientVR and Poetry 360°, two projects that utilise immersive video and VR headsets to enagage the viewer. 
I am a humanities PhD Reseacher on the side and as a conseqeuence of this,  I am a big believer in how the humanities can influence the way we interact and understand visual technology. My primary goal in all that I do is to do something that is for the good or benefit of others.
Feel free to drop me an email for more info, or if you are seeking for a video producer on your next video project. 

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